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luxury car rental in Germany 2019 - More than just sports cars

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All luxuRy rental cars in an overview

Once upon a time it was quite easy: If you wanted to ride lots of horsepower your were simply renting a sports car. But time has changed and so cars have: Powerful SUV´s, Biturbo-driven station wagons and superfast sedans - There are so many posibilities of a luxury car rental in Germany now! We´re going to show you the different car categories and which luxury car makes sense for whom!

Still most people´s favorite: Rent a sports car

Even though there are many competitors now a sports car still is the most wanted luxury car for rent. A powerful engine combined with a good performance weight and some really sporty optics are still hard to beat and - important for many renters - still catch attraction like nothing else! A wide body, big wheel arches and a flat silhouette are shouting out: Look! here I am! And I´m not a normal car, I am exclusive and something rare! Understatement? No, thank´s..

The most favorite sports car to rent are still the futuristic Audi R8 and Lamborghini. But the German all time classic Porsche 911 doesn´t need to hide even though he brings a lot more understatement. By the way: Some quite new favorite of the sports car fans is the Mercedes AMG GT-S.

But all the sportiness isn´t only positive, because otherwise you would only see sports and supercars on the streets across Germany, right? Especially the limitation to 2 seats and the luggage space won´t make everybody happy.

Trendy as before: SUV´s

After sports cars there´s another car category thats popularity increases from year to year and through all ages: Luxurious SUV´s have the engine power of real sports cars, can be used even off-road and - really important on the famous German Autobahn - bring overtaking skills that destroy some real sports cars... It doesn´t matter if a classical Range Rover, Porsche Cayenne or the SUV models of the German premium brands Audi, Mercedes und BMW, all of them are offering some more or less practically bolides with enough ground clearance. As we are a real Spors Car Rental Company (and we promise, we´re gonna be evn in a hundred years!) we´re sorry, but can´t help you with these kind of cars - Who´s still interested to rent such a monster should just have a look on our partners`page of DRIVAR - The German Luxury Car Sharing.

Daddy´s dream car: A powerful station wagon

What to do if family wants to join you on your sports car trip but SUV´s are simply not your style? Easy: Just rent an Audi RS6 and enjoy sports car-like performances in a station wagon! AMG is also offering some interesting models that make daddy´s choice much easier. Thank´s to some really developed chassis and a lot of electronic help you can even enjoy a good racetrack session with these cars. Praise the technical progress, guys!

Back to business: The sporty sedan

Some might think after all these beautiful alternatives nobody likes to rent aboring sedan. And that´s even true! But who says that sedans always have to be boring and unadventurous!? If you ever took a seat in a Mercedes C63 AMG or BMW M5 you know that this feels much more like a real sports car than a powerful sedan. There´s really no better - and more unsonspicious - way to arrive at your business appointment!

If you want to have all in one: The sporty Coupé

What to do if all the cars of the above list still doesn´t suit you a 100%? If you simply want to have a piece of all the cakes, the power and elegance of a sports car, the interiour space of an SUV und full four passenger seats like a sedan? You just have to go for a classic and sporty coupé! Some beautiful curves, enough power for the German Autobahn and space for your family all of them have. So at the end it doesn´t matter if you choose the famous Ford Mustang GT or go with the Japanese "Godzilla" and rent a Nissan GT-R...

Whatever luxury car will be your choise to rent - Motion Drive team hopes you enjoy every single minute with it!

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